mr. Hamim

President Director

Asslamuallaikumm. Wr.Wb Praise our thanks to the presence of Allah SWT, God Almighty. Dear colleagues, I can't feel it already 10 years since the establishment of PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar contributes to the best results in the Automotive industry Indonesia.

In order to meet the market needs of the Indonesian Automotive industry, we continue to innovate and continuously develop our potential our company, we will continue to make every effort in line with the development of globalization which is increasingly rapid with one priority, because customer satisfaction is our top priority

Company Vision

To become a reliable and quality automotive spare part manufacturer

Company Mission

PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar in the form of increasing sales, product quality so that customer satisfaction can be achieved

Quality policy

PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar is committed to meeting requirements and providing guaranteed satisfaction to customers in a way

  • Make goods according to standards
  • Deliver products on time and quantity
  • Making improvements through improvement ideas
for that we continue to make continuous improvements in order to achieve the company's vision.

Home Industry 2007, Industry with 4 employees.

Established a Limited Liability Company in 2009, PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar.

PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar

Our company is in the manufacturing industry line, focusing on stamping and assembling parts, PT. Cipta Perdana Lancar was founded on June 05, 2009 with a capital of 5 billion.

as a whole our production created for spare parts components divided into three sectors with a total composition in the Automotive sector 95%, Electronic 2.5%, and Sanitary 2.5%. The current factory area is around 5,000 m2 with a total of 385 workers.

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